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25 February 2021
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm EST
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CRRC Seminar Series – Dr. Robert Way

Perspectives on Cold Regions Science from Arctic and Subarctic Labrador

Dr. Robert Way, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Queens

In Labrador and northern Québec (including Nunavik, Nunatsiavut, Nitassinan and NunatuKavut), rapid regional warming observed over the past several decades has significantly impacted the quality of life for Indigenous Peoples and northerners. Similarly, thawing of regional permafrost, hydrological changes and vegetation growth may have future impacts on infrastructure development, natural hazards, archaeological sites, and cultural keystone species such as caribou and berry plants. This talk will discuss some of the contemporary Cold Regions Science issues and research activities underway in Arctic and Subarctic by the Northern Environmental Geoscience Laboratory at Queen’s University. In this talk, Dr. Way will discuss combining field observations, community-based monitoring, remote sensing and numerical modelling to bridge spatial scales and predict how landscapes in coastal Labrador will respond to climate change.

Dr. Way is a physical geographer who specializes in understanding the impacts of climate change on the terrestrial cryosphere (glaciers, permafrost, ice). Dr. Way is of Inuit descent (Nunatsiavummiut) and was born and raised in the central Labrador community of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. Find out more about his research here.

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